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To inspire and guide moms to lose weight, maximize their health, boost energy levels, enjoy great vitality and look better than ever imagined.

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A mom striving to achieve her personal best through fitness, nutrition and a wellness-focused lifestyle.


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Enjoy What You Eat


AdvoCare Corporate

Advocare helps me achieve my personal best. Fave products include 24-Day Challenge, Spark, MNS-C, Catalyst and Rehydrate.

Samantha Roehrig

Get to Know Sam
I’m a mom just like you. With two young girls, I’m right there in the trenches doing my best to juggle motherhood, marriage and career, while honoring a commitment to achieve my personal best. 

About Sam
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Personal Training, Wellness Coaching; Frisco, Plano and Allen Texas

Here's to outstanding wellness, Samantha

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